Made in USA
Since 1903.

That means it’s built like a tank and will fire every time, thousands of times per day, every day for decades. Ask any serious photographer what he expects from his equipment–quality, durability and reliability, that’s Photogenic.

The Photogenic difference starts here

This is the Photogenic studio flashtube, perfected over the past 80 years right here in Chicago, and designed to suit the needs of the most discriminating photographer.

The last monolight you will ever buy.

Well, if you do buy another one it will probably be a Photogenic. And chances are you will probably be able to use them competitively for the rest of your life. They’re made in USA, just outside of Chicago and they have been for over 100 years, and that means they’re made right. And if anything ever happens, the same craftsmen who make your light service them too, right here in the same factory that makes them.

Bring your studio lights with you in the field

Eliminate your large noisy gas generators and old fashioned humongous inverters. The all new Photogenic lithium-ion battery powered ION pure sine wave inverter takes your studio flash units on location the easy way. The ION is a powerful, lightweight, get outta town AC power supply that features two AC outlets for two monolights and a couple thousand flashes per charge.

Jay Kilgore
Professional Photographer

As a professional photographer, I’m expected to get the shot, and get it right the first time. I shoot a lot of moving subjects, from children to models and I don’t have the luxury of reshoots. When a shot is gone, it’s gone forever. I don’t trust that kind of pressure to any other strobe company. I’ve tried many different lights from many different companies, and at the end of the day, I chose Photogenic lights. I demand quality and I only trust Photogenic.

Kevin and Dixie Jordan
Jordan Portrait Design.
Professional Photographers

Photogenic Professional Lighting was recommended at the beginning of my career as the best strobes for portrait work. I purchased them and love the quality of light they produce. Photogenic lights are consistent and easy to use which allows me to fully concentrate on my clients. I trust Photogenic Professional Lighting as my only studio lighting and recommend them to everyone.

Mike Ridinger
Ridinger's—The Art of Photography.
Professional Photographer

“For years we used a cheaper light and fought with a power pack with limited power. You change power on one light and they all change. Then we went digital and the problems showed up. Inconsistent color. Inconsistent power. Film hid the problem, digital exaggerated it. “Listening to our friends in the industry, we decided to buy four Photogenic 1250’s. My satisfaction was immediate. I was able to control each light exactly as I wished. Fast recycle times, accurate color and all the power I needed, where I needed it. “We liked them so much we bought six more, only this time we upgraded to the 1250DR’s. The digital readout was awesome. I can move the light power up in small increments to get the exact setting I want. We are opening a second studio this summer and it will also be set up with Photogenic.


1, 2 or 3 light kits are a smart, quick way to start your studio or expand it. Whether you choose a Solair™, Matrix® or PowerLight® kit, it’s a wise investment and your entryway into the extensive line of Photogenic Professional Lighting gear.

studio lighting

There is a Photogenic monolight for every photographer—from entry-level to expert, amateur or pro. Whichever one you choose, you can count on reliable performance. And nobody has more light modifiers than Photogenic, for more creative freedom.


Light Stands, Booms and Adapters, Light Control Accessories, Soft Boxes, Umbrellas for bounce and shoot-through lighting. White, silver and flat panel constructions, Chameleon™ reflectors, Chroma-key panels, Cases, Shooting Tables,

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