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Photogenic Monolights
Leading edge technologies — Constant Color Temperatures and Consistent Power Output at all power settings.

There is a Photogenic monolight for every photographer—from entry-level to expert, amateur or pro. Whichever one you choose, you can count on reliable performance. Still handmade in USA since 1903.

Solair™ our full-featured, top  of the line monolight is for the most discriminate hobbyist or pro.  PowerLight®  is our time-tested standard of the industry, Matrix and StudioMax® are our affordable / portable value leaders.
  • The new Matrix MCD400R Monolight with 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter is fast, lightweight, and offers core and convenience features usually found in flash heads at twice the price; making it the perfect light at the perfect price. Pair the Matrix with the Photogenic ION battery and get the perfect field kit. Ideal for entry-level and aspiring pros.
  • Affordable and portable StudioMax® III Monolights are simple to operate. Ideal for entry-level photographers, but with features any photographer can appreciate: Constant Color, a 6 f-stop power range, and optional radio triggering or battery power.

Full-featured, top of the line monolight for the most discriminate hobbyist or seasoned pro.


Our time-tested workhorse, the standard of the industry, simply professional.


Built in wireless, lightweight, and offers features usually found in flash units twice the price.


Affordable and portable Constant Color monolights with radio trigger or battery power options.


The technologically advanced Constant Color SOLAIR™ series incorporates superior monolight operations to the long list of standard PowerLight® features. These lights are ideal for both digital and transparency/film capture systems. The color temperature shifts caused by multiple lights with varying flash power settings within your studio are now minimized with Solair™. Solair™ lights provide temperature exposures with virtually even distribution of Kelvin measured color temperatures. These units are controlled for constant Kelvin color temperatures within 14º per stop over an amazing 8 f-stop range of power settings. The Solair™ line includes the PL500DRC with 500 wattseconds and the powerful PL1000DRC at 1000 watt-seconds

The PL500DRC and PL1000DRC offer digital displays for both flash and modeling power settings over a full 8 f-stop range, from 4 watt-seconds to 500 watt-seconds and 8 watt-seconds to 1000 watt-seconds, respectively. All Solair™ models adjust flash power and modeling intensity settings in either 1/10 or 1/2 f-stop increments and display the settings on the built-in LED display. Optional infrared wireless remote control systems are available. (See wireless accessories on page 24 & 25 of the brochure.)

The Solair™ models incorporate a thermal cool down cycle to prevent overload heat damage to your equipment. This prevents permanent electronic circuit damage if the units become overheated. This is in addition to the standard fused surge overload protection. Solair™ models also display diagnostic codes identifying function issues.

In addition to the above features for precise color control and repeatability, all Solair™ PowerLight® models are remote capable. The lights are voltage stabilized, have built-in photo slaves, misfire indication, syncronization jack and test flash. The extruded aluminum housing provides durability and less weight. They are equipped with a heavy-duty ratchet handle, 5/8” stand bracket with adapters for 1/2” and 3/8” tops, Quick-Change™ accessory system, umbrella and handle brackets.

Solair™ Programmable Auto Bracketing

This is a feature for Solair™ PowerLights®. Two additional flash power output levels can be pre-programmed and thus provide up to three different exposure settings fired in sequence. These two auto brackets are user programmed settings and can be set from 1/10 up to 1 1/2 f-stops above and/or below the primary power settings.

All PowerLight® “DR” and Solair™ Constant Color Models are now available with 32 channel radio technology that wirelessly trigger your strobes up to a distance of 1600 feet. You can use multiple lights in the studio and on-location andnever worry about your lights being triggered by another photographer’s flash. No more unreliable sync cords. No more broken or lost antennas. The antenna is built into the light. Improve your digital images immediately by eliminating sync cord line noise. Position your lights anywhere, not just where the sync cord reaches. It’s easy. Just set the radio PowerLight® to one of 32 channels on the PocketWizard® transmitter, and you are ready for wireless triggering. The big advantage is the built-in radio receiver never needs batteries. The Plus Receivers from PocketWizard® are fully compatable with all other PocketWizard® transmitters. This includes the transmitters that are built into Kodak®, Nikon®, Mamiya® Cameras and Sekonic® Meters, as well as Standard Plus and MultiMax Units.