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This case has lots of room for lights, stands and accessories, and can be pulled or carried. The upper deck is 32" L x 8" H x 9" W. Two Velcro dividers let you subdivide the space as needed. A bottom deck for light stands measures 32" L x 3.5" H x 9" W, and is accessible from a zippered end flap. A zippered side pocket for umbrellas is 5.5" high and runs the length of the case. A large mesh pocket inside the lid is ideal for gels, diffusers, or other accessories.
Heavy zippers are used throughout, with padded walls and dividers for keeping your equipment safe. The AK3419W features two-inch wheels and a luggage-style pull-out handle. When pulled out, the length from the handle to the wheels is 43". Canvas handles and a shoulder strap are included to transport over rough terrain or in areas where wheels cannot be used.
Weight: 13 lbs. Overall dimensions: 33" L x 14" H x 10" W.
Weight 3.1268 lbs
Dimensions 5.1268 × 5.1268 × 7.1268 in


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