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Solair™ monolights employ “constant color” technology that prevents the flash color temperature from visibly shifting no matter what power setting is used. These units are controlled for constant Kelvin color temperatures within 14° per stop over an amazing 8 f-stop range of power settings. There’s no warm cast at lower power levels! That’s important in a multi-light setup.

(3) PLR500DRC Solair Lights. Each of these lights comes complete with a

    • PL7R high-gain 7½-inch reflector
    • C4-15C color-corrected flash tube
    • ESS 250-Watt modeling lamp
    • PLFTP flash tube protector
    • PLLC power cord
    • PLTC sync cord
    • Solair Operator's Manual
  • (1) SB2432 24" x 32" Softbox
  • (1) SB1236 12" x 36" Softbox
  • (1) EC45BC  Eclipse 45-inch White Umbrellas
  • (2) TAHS8 HEAVY DUTY Air-Cushioned  Stand
  • (1) TAHS13 HEAVY DUTY Air-Cushioned Stand
  • (1) 7500BA Boom Arm & Swivel
  • (1) PL03CS Large Soft Case w/ Wheels




Weight 45.1268 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 14 × 14 in


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