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The rugged yet sophisticated technology incorporated within the SolairTM and PL2 series “DR” models of PowerLights® has created the ability to control the operational features of nine lights remotely from a computer, from a central control module or from a hand held device. As a professional photographer, control of the light is critical. The ability to control lighting from the camera location remotely, saves you precious time.

Without leaving your camera location, this hand-held controller allows you to change the flash and modeling power settings of up to nine PowerLights. The PLIRC duplicates all the light controls
except power on/off, and adds a standby feature that will put an individual light or all lights in a
non-operational “sleep” mode.

The PLIRC operates in conjunction with the PLDIR-2 Infrared Receiver, which easily mounts to any “DR” model PowerLight. Includes a 9v battery.

Weight 3.1268 lbs
Dimensions 5.1268 × 5.1268 × 7.1268 in

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