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Photogenic Umbrella – “Eclipse” Silver with Black Cover – 32″


  • Softens and broadens the light output of any strobe or lower wattage constant light.
  • A silver umbrella will add specular highlights — a little bit more “snap”, than a white umbrella.
  • May add 1/2 to 1 F-Stop of light output, depending on the light source used.

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Photogenic umbrellas are constructed of custom color-neutral photographic material. The US series is silver with a black light-blocking cover, and reflects a harder light than the white-interior UW umbrellas. The US32 umbrella measures 32" over its curve. The exposed-rib construction provides an economical approach to umbrella lighting. The black cover is removable.

Weight 1.268 lbs
Dimensions 1.2 × 6 × 8 in


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This Photogenic 32″ Umbrella with black cover has an extra silver panel that is added during construction of this umbrella. The result is the elimination of the reflection of the metal frame of the umbrella in the eyes of your subject, or on highly reflective surfaces, such as chrome or brass.

This size is perfect for portraits of 1 or 2 people and small product set ups.

This umbrella is designed for use with strobe lighting.