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Declare your freedom from sync cords with this super-affordable radio trigger control. This 4-channel system is designed for use with both portable off-camera flashes and studio strobes that have 1/8" mini-plug or 1/4" phono plug sync outlets. This unique accessory gives you reliable radio technology to trigger strobes up to a distance of 80 feet without sync cords or optical slaves. Improve your digital images by eliminating sync cord line noise.


  • 1 Hot Shoe Radio Transmitter
  • 1 Radio Receiver with 1/4" phono plug and hook & loop strap
  • 1 Mini-phono Plug Sync Adapter for Receiver
  • PC to Mini-phono Plug Adapter for Camera with a PC Connector
  • 1 Transmitter Battery
  • 2 AA Receiver Batteries
  • 1 Set Hook & Loop Straps


Weight 3.1268 lbs
Dimensions 5.1268 × 5.1268 × 7.1268 in

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